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Our mission as breeders is to offer to families the best guidance in choosing the right puppy and of course our guarantee of “Quality and really unique Chihuahuas” Our reservation list requires a $1,500 dollar deposit (which is credited to the sale price of the puppy you choose.

The list works as follows: Once the Mom you choose gives birth, and we take a week to check the health of each puppy, we will then send you pictures of each one of them.In the next 24 hours after you receive the pictures you will need to decide if you want one of them. If the answer is no the puppies not taken we publish for sale on our website.If the answer is yes we announce your puppy is reserved.

​1) The waiting list has the advantage of allowing you to be ahead of anyone else on the list to see the puppies as well as having preference in the selection of which puppy you want as each litter is born.

​2 – Prices of our puppies range from $1,500 UP depending on the sex and lineage of the puppy.Our policy is we do not price by size as all our Chihuahuas are of Championship Lineage so small size is a characteristic of all our puppies.

​3) We recommend that if you want a Hollywood Chis Puppy you take the necessary steps to reserve your place on the list as soon as possible.

​4) In summary, a deposit gets you on the list for the highest priority selection of any litter. We will need the balance of your total payment for your Chihuahua one week before we ship your puppy or you pick your puppy up in person.

​Our goal is to provide the best homes for our puppies so if you decide to make a deposit please tell me you are considering making a deposit to get on the list  and I will send you a puppy application before you deposit.


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