How to read a pedigree

Your puppy’s pedigree may look like its written in a foreign language, but it’s really a family tree with the names of your puppy’s ancestors. Father and Mother (sire and dam) and grandparents (grandsire and grand dam) great grandparents and sometimes even great- great grandparents.What should you look for?You should see a name in every space.

A blank space means that AKC might not have that litter information computerized. AKC will not register a litter if both parents are registered with AKC. By each name you can find titles information.

For instance, Chihuahua for show champion, CD; CDX; UD; UDX; for obedience titles; MACH or AX; for agility titles; and CGC for American Kennel Club (AKC).Kennel NamesWhen someone registers a puppy, the kennel name can be filled in on the registry application. Usually it’s the first part of a name but it can also be the last part.